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The Jamaica Blue Mountain PeaberryCoffeeis the most prized and sought after coffee in the world. It has a full flavor, nice balance, and provides all the satisfaction one could want with a strong and intense aroma. Famous for its perfection in flavor, intense aroma, and balanced taste,this is regarded by many as the best coffee in the world.This coffee is driedon concrete slabs fromthe famous Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Certifications: 100% Certified Blue Mountain Coffee by the Jamaican Department of Agriculture Direct Trade Certified Kosher Certified Rainforest Alliance Certified Flavor Notes: Floral, Cream, and Smooth Chocolate Processing: Washed Process Roast:Medium Roast Additional Information: Drying:Sun Dry Process Farm:Clifton Mount Estate Single Origin Coffee:The Blue Mountains in Jamaica are at elevations above 2,000 feet sea level, where the rich soil and continuous rainfall combine to create conditions that are perfect for farming the worlds finest coffee beans. Peaberry Coffee:What is a Peaberry Coffee? Peaberry coffee beans are unique and have a much richer flavor. They are only found in 5% of the crop and are removed manually. The flavor of the peaberry is of a finer quality than the rest of the crop and is desired by coffee connoisseurs. Certifying Authenticity:Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is recognized as one of the most prized and famous exotic coffees worldwide. Recognized and established growers have steadily increased cultivation and production of what is regarded as the Best Coffee in the Caribbean and quite possibly the “Best Coffee in the World.” Today, significant improvement in processing and the application of rigid quality control by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board ensure that only the best beans are offered to discerning consumers. Because of the restricted geographical range where it is grown, this specialty coffee has limited quantities of supply. Additionally, 90% of the crop is sold to Japanese customers while the remaining 10% is left for the rest of the world, impacting the already high demand and as a result, making it one of the rarest coffees available in modern day coffee markets. To maintain this coffee's high quality and minimize the sale of fraudulent versions of this sparse coffee, Jamaica has established the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board to oversee this crops production and processing. To be properly certified Blue Mountain Coffee, it must be grown at altitudes ranging between 2,000 and 5,000 feet in the Parishes of Portland, St. Andrew, and St. Thomas. Jamaican High Mountain usually describes a somewhat lesser coffee that is grown at lower altitudes than this in other parts of the island. Most coffee labeled as such and sold in todays global markets are actually not 100% Pure Blue Mountain Coffee, but instead are blends or mislabeled products. These inauthentic items are usually labeled as “Blue Mountain Style” coffees for sale containing the taste characteristics of the original crop, but in reality, may not contain a single bean of legitimate JBM. Volcanica Coffee only imports Certified 100% Pure Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee directly from the island without any added blends, and is sourced from the Clifton Mount Estate. History and Processing:Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is made from the highest quality locally sources blue-green beans in the country. The climate, geology, and topology of Jamaica combine to provide the ideal location for the production and harvest of this world-renowned coffee. The island is known for its cool and misty climate, with frequent rainfall, and well-drained rich volcanic soil. Only a tiny growing area of around 15,000 acres located 2,000-5,000 feet in altitude, the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Region is one of the highest regions for coffee farms in the world. The spine of mountains that run across Jamaica end in the eastern portion of the island in the Blue Mountains, which reach over 7,000 feet. As a result of the ample cloud coverage, mountain shade, ideal altitude,… mineral-rich soil, and abundant rainfall where the crops grow, the coffee cherries are able to remain on the trees for three to four months longer than other coffees, which provides the beans with a richer and wider flavor. Most of the beans are grown by small family farmers rather than huge coffee estates seen in other regions. The unique combination of soil and micro-climatic conditions specific to the Jamaica Blue Mountain ranges give this coffee a worldwide coveted flavor and aroma. Famous for having a perfect balance, Blue Mountain Coffee has an immaculate taste and noticeable sweetness, as well as bold, smooth, and rich qualities all found within a full-body with subtle acidity. When growing these exclusively Arabica Coffee Beans, terracing and mixed cropping are used, allowing for the crop to grow alongside bananas and avocados. The crop is fragile during its maturation but is considered more flavorful and less caffeinated than some of its counterparts. To enhance the endowments of nature, the estates maintain a painstakingly detailed process to ensure that only the finest berries are culled and processed with due reverence to the preservation of the delicate flavors. These unique properties that come together are what generate the ideal growing conditions for the development of such a distinct coffee. As a result, other areas in these mountains, or any other plantations in Jamaica, cannot produce what is referred to as Blue Mountain Coffee, and these variations are what is often voiced as blends of Blue Mountain Coffee that is still sourced from Jamaica.Read more