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Guatemala Antigua Coffee is from the Medina Estate and is a rich, full-bodied coffee with a smooth, sophisticated flavor, and an intense aroma. Rated a low acid coffee due to the lower acidity. Certifications: Kosher Certified Rainforest Alliance Certified Flavor Notes: Honey, Apple, Tea, and Floral Brown Sugar Processing: Washed Process Roast: Medium Roast Additional Information: Drying: 100% Sun Dried Farm: Finca Medina pH: 5.3 Low Acid Coffee Single Origin Coffee About the Guatemala Antigua Coffee Region Guatemala Antigua Coffee has a deep-rooted history with Guatemala, and no region is more emblematic of coffee€™s heritage, quality, and wide range of flavor profiles than the Antigua region of Guatemala. With growing altitudes of 1,500-1,700 meters, Antigua is located in southern Guatemala and is renowned for its Spanish architecture, natural beauty, and, of course, coffee. With a daily rainfall that can total anywhere between 800mm-1200mm by the end of the wet season, the area easily creates a refreshing setting for the cultivation of coffee beans. Antigua was also blessed with a naturally diverse terrain that maintains its dense rainforest, which provides vital humidity to the nearby farms of Antigua. Guatemala Antigua Coffees are unique in that they are grown in a region with a valley of three different volcanoes that provide interesting soil conditions that provide great quantities of minerals and nutrients for the coffee plant that lend themselves to the rich flavors brought out in Guatemala Antigua coffees. The Guatemala Antigua Coffee is typically harvested between January to the end of March within the region. While also being sanctioned as a World Heritage Site, the Antigua region attained Denomination of Origin back in 2000 for its coffee, which prevents other coffees grown in different regions in Guatemala and elsewhere to be labeled as Guatemala Antigua Coffee, while also denoting the quality that goes into growing, producing, and shipping Guatemala Antigua Coffee. Where We Source Guatemala Coffee From Our Guatemala Antigua Coffee is thoughtfully and sustainably sourced from Finca Medina, which was founded in 1842 and features over 100 hectares in the foothills of the Agua Volcano. Finca Medina produces world-renowned and recognized lots of coffee that feature quality in every cup, floral aromas, and an interesting cocoa body that will pair well with any breakfast or afternoon snack. Finca Medina also produces Guatemala Antigua Coffee with the Rainforest Alliance certification, which highlights the farms' efforts to be environmental stalwarts that conserve the natural flora and fauna habitats, while reducing their environmental footprint through better educating their farmers about environmental protection. How We Roast Coffee from Guatemala Coffee from Antigua We roast our Guatemala Antigua Coffee as a city roast (medium roast) profile to highlight the interesting provenance of cocoa with subtle spices, like cloves and star anise, with a hint of maple leaf mouthfeel. Guatemala Antigua produces primarily disease-resistant varietals, such as Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai, that generally have a balanced acidity with pleasing taste attributes that are washed and processed. Our goal with the roast for the Guatemala Antigua Coffee is to highlight the origin of the Antigua region€™s smooth balance of cocoa notes with a nice honey finish that brings out brown sugar flavors and maple syrup body. We certainly have grown to love the Guatemala Antigua Coffee from this extraordinary and interesting region, and hope that you do as well.