Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee, Natural Process


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The Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffeeis known for being pleasantly mild, as well as its wonderfully balanced smooth and mellow flavor.Steeped in history and romance, this coffee is widely noted for its rich aroma, medium acidity, and sweet full-bodied finish.Dried by the sun, Brazil Bourbon is a prized and classic Arabica coffee. Certifications:Kosher Certified Flavor Notes: Sweet Hints, SmoothAlmond and Lemony Citrus Acidity Processing: Natural Process Roast:Medium Roast Additional Information: Drying:Sun Dry Process Farm: The Fazenda Recreio Farm- located inSo Sebasti da Grama, Minas Gerais region. Fazenda Recreio is a 605-hectare farm with 240 hectares planted in coffee, mostly the Yellow Bourbon variety. The farm has been in the Machaedo family for four generations (founded in 1890) and is currently managed by Diego Machaedo. …The land that is not utilized for coffee is used for cattle ranching and growing citrus trees and eucalyptus. Coffee at Fazenda Recreio is processed in several different ways: About 50 percent is Natural, with 25 percent Pulped Natural and 25 percent commercial-grade Washed. Diego Machaedo has a long interest in specialty coffee and sees the production moving more and more in that direction as a primary focus: The farm won the 2004 Cup of Excellence competition and has finished in the top five for many years, including consecutively between 20062010. Read more NaturalProcess: What is the natural process? Ripe cherries are sun-dried for 8-12 days, depending on climatic conditions. During this time, they are handpicked, sorted, and raked to ensure a consistent drying process. After drying, the coffee is milled. pH: 5.2 Single-Origin Coffee: Grown at3,600 to 4,300 feet Brazil Yellow Bourbon Beans Experience this special South American coffee, made from 100% specialty-grade Arabica coffee. Theserare yellow Bourbon variety of Arabica beans are known for their smooth, mellow flavor.Bourbon (bur-bone) identifies the specific coffee plant variety of these coffee beans, which is a strain of arabica coffee.