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Sumatra Coffee Gayo can be described as sweet and clean. This coffee has been recognized by the international coffee community for its high quality, which ranks it among the best coffees in the world. The Sumatra Coffee Gayo can be described as sweet, clean, and earthy coffee with aromatics pronounced by exotic earth notes and low acidity. Certifications: Kosher Certified Flavor Notes: Caramel, Peach, Wisteria, Cacao Nib, and Hints of Moist, Fresh-Fallen Leaves Processing: Washed Process Roast: Medium Roast Additional Information: Country: Indonesia Drying: Sun Dry Process Low Acidity: The process for developing a lower acid (or more basic) Sumatra Coffee Gayo involves roasting beans that are naturally lower in acid, for longer periods of time. This ensures that the acidic components of the coffee are processed out and result in a higher pH. pH: 5 Orang Utan Coffee Partnership: Helps coffee farmers operate in a sustainable and successful way without clearing the rainforest. Farm: Gayo Highland Farms Single Origin Farm Sumatra Coffee Gayo Beans The Sumatra Coffee Gayo Beans are processed in a fascinating way. Less known than the Lintong and Mandheling variety, the beans from the Sumatra Gayo Mountain, or the Aceh area is a rarer kind of crop. These coffee beans are grown in a small mountain valley surrounding Lake Tawar and the town of Takengon. Grown in the shade and without the addition of any chemicals, beans used here vary widely and as a result, have distinct flavors. Some beans are processed by small farmers who use the traditional Sumatran method of washing them in the backyard, while others have different unique methods. Lintong has a deep, complex flavor with a lot of smokiness, and Sumatra Coffee Gayo has a heavy, almost syrupy body with an intense earthiness. The coffee brewed from these Sumatra Coffee Gayo beans resembles the Lintong and Mandheling coffees and is often sold by Medan exporters in Indonesia.