Costa Rica Geisha Coffee, Natural Process


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TheCosta Rica Geisha Coffeeis a scarce and ancient coffee of wild Ethiopian origin. This coffee is unique in that it contains30% less caffeine than most other coffees, while continuing to retain the sweet, citric, apple, and floral flavors that make it so wonderfully popular. Certifications:Kosher Certified Flavor Notes:Sweet, Citric, Apple, and Floral Flavors Processing:Natural Process Roast:Medium Roast Additional Information: Farm: Finca La Candeilla Microlot NaturalProcess: What is the natural process? Ripe cherries are sun-dried on raised beds for 8-12 days, depending on climatic conditions. During this time, they are handpicked, sorted, and raked to ensure a consistent drying process. This process results in a sweeter more floral flavor. After drying, the coffee is milled. Single Origin Coffee Costa Rica Geisha Coffee History and Processing:Costa Rica Geisha is a very unique type of coffee with several distinguishing properties that make it special.The termGeisha comes from the Ethiopian town of Gesha, where the coffee plant originated. Geisha Coffee is different in appearance, is naturally resistant to some diseases and the beans are long and slender.The crop yield of this type of Coffee plant is meager, which is why it is so difficult to find commercial plantations and production of this coffee.There are different varieties of Geisha Coffee since they are the plant seedlings from the original plant in Ethiopia that have been exported.Geisha Coffee varieties can be found in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Peru. While there are many factors that influence how plants grow and how the fruit that they bear may develop, the local coffee plantations give each cropa unique characteristic and flavor.The taste of Geisha Coffee from Costa Rica can be described as having a soft and delicate profile with quietly complex aromatics that consist of flowering grass, lavender, a crisp rather vegetal cocoa, hints of molasses, and pipe tobacco.